Founder Message

"Our philosophy is to provide you with a truly international quality of education through world class infrastructure, faculty and resources in an environment that fosters creativity and innovation"


A glorious 16 years have passed ever since Heritage Institute of Hotel & Tourism started its journey with HIHT, but I still feel it’s like yesterday. My education and professional experience in the Hospitality industry gave me a lot of wisdom to share with my students at HIHT whom I can prepare to face the real industry. HIHT ongoing interest in innovation is a consistent quest over the years.
My current role as the Group President of Heritage Institute of Hotel & Tourism has set in very high expectations to achieve. My responsibilities make me look forward to expand the valuable brand HIHT globally. We are ready to explore new opportunities at international, which has wide scope in education and culture. I would like to play a pivotal role by nourishing an aspirant claim his dream of a successful hospitality career.
Our course curriculum is designed conforming to the current industry requirement. We continue to make final refinement and restructuring to our existing programs to provide our students with the opportunity for meaningful academic development of knowledge with respect to the environment. Our graduates are effective in technical, supportive knowledge, and soft skills. To train our students as Industry leaders, we have highly qualified professional faculty members and latest technology in terms of equipments and gadgets which keep them updated and confident at all times during the course of their studies at HIHT.
Our passion for excellence also explains why we believe that the hospitality programmes, we offer are going to be of great interest and advantage for students of our Institute that will provide them with a progressive career.
To become a successful professional is not a surprise- that one requires is commitment, punctuality, and willingness to learn. “You learn, you prove and the world with your performance.”

Choose your destination and be ready for a journey of knowledge and fun.

Wishing you success in your career!

The Basics of Our Being - The Infinite Loop

We’re proud to be a institute founded by the industry, for the industry. This means we understand the needs of the industry – and can create

Our Vision

The Heritage Institute of Hotel and Tourism will be a world leader in the integration of teaching and learning advancement of the knowledge base through practical’s and implementation. The college will be a world lead. In preparing hospitality professionals who provide leadership & exemplary educational services to improves the lives of individuals in a changing environment complex global society.

Our Mission

The Mission of the Heritage Institute of Hotel and Tourism is to enhance knowledge skills and practical experiences about formulation & utilization of human abilities & attitude and on the other hand to prepare quality professionals for the trade of Hospitality & Tourism.